What constitutes a “true” hero?

Heroes come from history, literature, legend, and even our everyday lives. Men and women hailing from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, heroes demonstrate exemplary bravery, resourcefulness, and loyalty in the pursuit of justice. A hero goes above and beyond to help others, even if it puts him at risk. A hero is willing to show even enemies forgiveness and solidarity. A hero rises out of extenuating circumstances even when the odds are stacked against him. A hero uses his influence to demonstrate that love, not hate, is the driving force behind positive change. we profile exemplary Muslims, past and present, who demonstrate what it truly means to be a hero.

Ziad Ahmed

Ziad Ahmed is a 16-year old Bangladeshi- American from Princeton, New Jersey who is taking steps to defy stereotypes and embrace diversity. Throughout his youth, Ahmed faced a variety of prejudices and discriminations based upon his religion and ethn ...Read More

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a 17-year old Pakistani girl who was shot through the head by the Taliban in 2012 for promoting women’s education. From the early age of 11, Yousafzai was an outspoken proponent of women’s right to be educated in Pakistan. Des ...Read More

Lassana Bathily

Lassana Bathily is a 24-year old French Muslim from Vincennes, who valiantly hid customers in the downstairs freezer during a shooting at Hyper Cacher supermarket on January 9th, 2015. He calmed the customers down and told them to wait in the freezer ...Read More

Hassan Askari

Hassan Askari, an American Muslim from New York City, was just a 20-year-old student in December of 2007 when a fight broke out on the subway. A group of ten anti-Semitic people had started throwing punches at four Jews for wishing them a Happy Hanuk ...Read More

Sobuj Khalifa

A homeless Bangladeshi immigrant, Sobuj Khalifa lives in a cave along the Tiber River. On May 12th, 2015, Khalifa saw a woman idly floating in the river. Realizing that something was horribly wrong, he yelled to people on a nearby bridge to call for ...Read More

Rais Bhuiyan

Rais Bhuiyan is a Bangladeshi-American Muslim who was shot in Texas shortly after 9/11. He was shot in the face by Mark Stroman, a white supremacist and neo-nazi sympathizer who was “out hunting Arabs” in revenge for the recent terrorist attacks. ...Read More

Tuğçe Albayrak

Tuğçe Albayrak was a German Muslim student teacher who saved two teenage girls being harassed by three men in a restaurant. After hearing cries of help coming from the bathroom, Albayrak stepped into the dangerous situation and ended the confrontat ...Read More

Aitzaz Hasan

Aitzaz Hasan was a Shia teenager living in the Hangu region of Pakistan who stopped a suicide bomber from reaching his school in January of 2014. One morning, as he was going to class, Hasan noticed a man with an explosive vest approaching the school ...Read More

Afsha Ahmed

Afsha Ahmed was a 24-year old Pakistani teacher who valiantly sacrificed her life for her students during an attack on her school in Peshawar in December 2014. When Taliban gunmen came bursting into her classroom, she jumped up and placed herself bet ...Read More

Noor Inayat Khan

Noor Inayat Khan was an Indian-American Muslim woman who worked for the Allied Special Operations Executive in France as a radio transmitter. In 1943, Khan was sent by the British into France along with several other members constituting the Physici ...Read More