The rise of violent extremism is one of the greatest problems facing our world today, and it affects us all. Unfortunately, the blight of terrorism continues to be linked to Islam, causing severe reputation damage to the world’s second-largest religion and threatening our national unity. Panelists will discuss how the continued linkage between terrorism and Islam has resulted in a highly polarized political climate, in which hate speech and other forms of Islamophobia are becoming increasingly prevalent. Panelists will also explain how extremist groups use hate crimes against Muslims to legitimize their narrative that the West is waging war on Islam, which helps them recruit adherents and spread their ideology. Finally, panelists will introduce their community-led campaign, WISE Up: Knowledge Ends Extremism, in which over 60 Muslim, Christian, Jewish, other faith and civic experts are working together to counter extremism, hate crimes, Islamophobia, and terrorism committed in the name of Islam; showing that Muslims are speaking out against all forms of hate.