Notable American Muslims

Notable American Muslims

AMEENA JANDALI AND HENRY MILLSTEIN provide a brief background on the history of Muslims in America, and names some American Muslims who have significantly contributed to American society and culture

Muslims have been part of American history since before the United States existed as a nation, contributing to the building and the very fabric of this country.

Around one-fifth of Africans brought here as slaves were Muslim. Many were known for their literacy, knowledge, and adherence to aspects of their faith, although few were able to contnue to practice Islam.

The first wave of voluntary Muslim immigrants to the U.S. came in the second half of the nineteenth century, mostly from what was then called Greater Syria. The majority were single men hoping to earn money for families back home. One such immigrant, Hajji Ali (anglicized as Hi Jolly) served as chief camel driver in the U.S. army’s atempt to set up a Camel Military Corps between 1856 and 1864. The camel experiment was discontnued but Ali was immortalized in a campfre song. Another Syrian immigrant, Anas Hamawi, is credited with the inventon of the ice cream cone at the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis.

Later waves of Muslim immigraton came from the collapsing Otoman Empire in the early 1900s, from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union afer World War II, and from the Indian subcontnent following the partton of India and Pakistan. Afer immigraton laws became less restrictve in 1965, Muslims came in greater numbers from many places in the Muslim world, primarily for work and educaton, or in some cases to escape politcal repression and turmoil at home.

African Americans, who began to rediscover Islam in northern cites early in the twenteth century, form another sizable component of the American Muslim community. The most well-known rediscovery movement was the Naton of Islam founded by Elijah Muhammad in the late 1930s. The Naton difers from traditonal Islam in signifcant ways; with the death of its founder in 1975, his son W. D. Muhammad led most of the Naton’s followers toward mainstream Islam.

The post-1965 wave of Muslim immigraton brought large numbers of people seeking to contnue their graduate studies in medicine, science, and engineering in the United States. One of the most remarkable of these immigrants was Fazlur Rahman Khan, who designed the Hancock Building and Willis Tower in Chicago, two of the world’s tallest buildings. His innovatons in building technology led Newsweek magazine to dub him “the Einstein of structural engineering.”

But he was not unique. Afer graduatng, Muslim immigrants found and excelled in compettve jobs in their felds, setling in urban areas where they married and raised families. Now their children and grandchildren are students at prestgious universites in felds such as medicine, engineering, and law. Today thousands of American Muslims are highly successful physicians, engineers, scientsts, lawyers, and professionals in diverse felds. Together with African American and other indigenous Muslims, American Muslims today make up a community that is vibrant and talented and is contributng in multple and varied ways to the rich fabric of America.

While American Muslims remain a relatively small part of the U.S. population—between three and six million—they have produced more than their share of major contributors to American life. The following are a few examples of notable American Muslims and Americans of Muslim backgrounds.

Science & Engineering


Anousheh Ansari

ANOUSHEH ANSARI is an Iranian-American engineer and co-founder and chairwoman of Prodea Systems. She previously served as co-founder and CEO of Telecom Technologies, Inc. (TTI). On September 18, 2006, Ansari became the frst self-funded woman to fy to the Internatonal Space Staton. Her memoir, My Dream of Stars, co-writen with Homer Hickam, was published in 2010.


Ark Salman Humayun

MARK SALMAN HUMAYUN, MD, PhD, is an ophthalmologist, engineer, scientist, and inventor. He is also a researcher, clinician, and professor of both ophthalmology and biomedical engineering at the University of Southern California, in addition to other positions. President Obama awarded Dr. Humayun the National Medal of Technology and Innovaton for his work on the Argus Series retna implants, which help restore sight to the blind.


Ahmed Zewail
AHMED ZEWAIL is an Egyptian American scientist. In 1999 he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, making him the frst Arab scientist to win a Nobel Prize in a Scientific feld. He is the Linus Pauling Chair Professor of Chemistry and Physics and the director of the Physical Biology Center for Ultrafast Science and Technology at the California Insttute of Technology.



Fareed Zakaria

FAREED ZAKARIA is an Indian American journalist and author. He is the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS and served as contributing editor of Time and editor of Newsweek International.


Ali Velshi

ALI VELSHI is the former host of Ali Velshi on Target on Al Jazeera America. He was previously CNN’s chief business correspondent, anchor of CNN’s Your Money, and a co-host of CNN Internatonal’s weekday business show World Business Today.



Dr. Mehmet Oz

DR. MEHMET OZ is a Turkish-American surgeon, author, and, most famously, the host and commentator of The Dr Oz Show.


Elias A. Zerhouni

ELIAS A. ZERHOUNI is an Algerian-American radiologist and medical researcher. He was appointed by George W. Bush as the 15th director of the National nsttutes of Health in May 2002. He served for six years before stepping down in October, 2008.



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR is a renowned former professional basketball player, and the all-tme leading scorer in the NBA. He was selected by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be a U.S. global cultural ambassador in 2012. He is also an actor and author.


Ibtihaj Muhammad

IBTIHAJ MUHAMMAD is a saber fencer and member of the United States fencing team. She is the first American Muslim woman wearing hijab to qualify for the United States Olympic team. She also owns her own fashion brand, Louella.


Hakeem Olajuwon

HAKEEM OLAJUWON is a Nigerian American who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008 and into the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2016. He led the Houston Rockets to NBA championships in 1994 and 1995. In 1996, he played on the Olympic gold medal-winning U.S. national team and was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.


Dalilah Muhammad

DALILAH MUHAMMAD won a gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is also a four-tme All-American at the NCAA Outdoor Championships, a medalist at the 2007 World Youth Championships, and the 2009 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships.


Ryan Harris

RYAN HARRIS, a Minnesota native, helped the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50 in 2016. In 2017, he announced his retirement after spending ten years in the NFL, far longer than the average player’s career. Harris has seamlessly transitioned from football player to public servant, using his status to speak ardently against the travel ban and hate crimes committed against American Muslims. A devout Muslim, Harris has exemplified integrity, honour, and compassion both on and of the feld.



Aasif Mandvi

AASIF MANDVIis an Indian American actor and comedian. He has been featured in The Daily Showand recently launched his own new web series called Halal in the Family.


Hasan Minhaj

HASAN MINHAJ is an American comedian, actor, and writer of Indian descent. He is a correspondent on the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. His one-man show Homecoming King debuted in October 2015.


Dave Chappelle

DAVE CHAPPELLE is a stand-up comic, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He is best known for his television series Chappelle’s Show. Although the show ran for only two years, it contnues to be rebroadcast by statons around the world.


Yasmine Al Massri

YASMINE AL MASSRI is an actress of Palestnian and Egyptan descent. She made her movie debut in the 2007 flm Caramel. In 2015, Massri began starring as Nimah and Raina Amin, identcal twins in the ABC drama series Quantco.


Mahershala Ali

MAHERSHALA ALI won the 2017 Academy Award for Best Supportng Actor for his role in the flm Moonlight. He has also appeared in flms such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Buton, Hidden Figures, and the Hunger Games series, as well as television shows such as House of Cards and Luke Cage.


Kumail Nanjiani

KUMAIL NANJIANI is a Pakistani-American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer now known for his role in the autobiographical romantc comedy flm The Big Sick, which has received critcal acclaim from Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Though he was shy in college, Nanjiani gained confdence to perform stand-up comedy afer his friends encouraged him to perform at an open mic. Afer that experience, he worked in IT by day and performed comedy by night. Though when he started out he played small roles, he landed a more substantal role in the Emmy Award–nominated series Silicon Valley. From there, Nanjiani was launched to natonal stardom.



Khaled Hosseini

KHALED HOSSEINI is an Afghan-born American novelist and physician. He is the author of three bestselling novels, most notably his 2003 debut, The Kite Runner.


Mohsin Hamid

Fundamentalist (2007), and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (2013). The Reluctant Fundamentalist was adapted for film and released in 2012.


Ayad Akhtar

AYAD AKHTAR is an American playwright, novelist, screenwriter, and actor of Pakistani descent. He is best known for his play Disgraced, which received the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play, and was the most produced play in America in the 2015–2016 season.


Azar Nafisi

AZAR NAFISI authored the New York Times bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran. She is currently the Director of Cultural Conversations at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC.




MUSICIANSQ-TIP (born Jonathan Davis) is a rapper, record producer, and DJ. He was a founding member of the prominent hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Since the group broke up, Q-Tip has continued to write and produce music.


Lupe Fiasco

LUPE FIASCO is a rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur who owns two lines of clothing. He is also a philanthropist who recorded a beneft single for victms of the 2010 Hait earthquake.


Ice Cube

ICE CUBE is a rapper, record producer, actor, and flmmaker. He began his career as a member of the hip-hop group C.I.A. and later joined the gangster rap group N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attudes). Afer leaving N.W.A in 1989, he has built a successful solo career in music and flms


DJ Khaled

DJ KHALED is a Grammy Award–nominated record producer, radio personality, record label executve, and author. He has released 10 albums and hit songs such as “All I Do Is Win.” He has collaborated with a wide range of other artsts, including John Legend, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and Nicki Minaj.

Politics & Public Service


Huma Abedin

HUMA ABEDIN is the vice-chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton. She previously served as Secretary of State Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department. Prior to that she was travelling chief of staff and served as Clinton’s assistant during her campaign in the 2008 presidential electon.


Keith Ellison

KEITH ELLISON is a lawyer and the nation’s first American Muslim congressman (Democrat), first elected in 2006 as a representative from the state of Minnesota. He is a co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus and a member of the House Committee on Financial Services.


Andre D. Carson

ANDRÉ D. CARSON became the second American Muslim congressman (Democrat) when he was first elected in Indiana’s special election in 2008. He is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus and serves on the House Armed Forces and Transportaton and Infrastructure Commitees.


Ilhan Omar

ILHAN OMAR was elected to Minnesota’s House of Representatives and was the first Somali- American lawmaker in the United States. Born in Somalia, Ilhan and her family fled the country’s civil war when she was eight years old. The family spent four years in a refugee camp before coming to the United States. In addition to serving in the legislature, Ilhan Omar is the Director of Policy Initiatives at Women Organizing Women, where she empowers East African women to take leadership roles in their community.

Businessmen & Entreprenuers


Shahid (Shad) Khan

SHAHID (SHAD) KHAN is a Pakistani American business tycoon and owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. He is president and owner of an automotive parts corporaton where he began working when stll in college. In 2012 the billionaire was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine as the face of the American Dream.


Tariq Farid

TARIQ FARID is the owner and CEO of Edible Arrangements. In 2009 he was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the International Franchise Associaton.


Hamdi Ulukaya

HAMDI ULUKAYA is a Kurdish-American entrepreneur and businessman and the owner, founder, chairman, and CEO of Chobani yogurt. In April, 2016, Ulukaya surprised his employees with the announcement that he was giving them 10 percent of Chobani shares.


Salman Khan

SALMAN KHAN is an American educator and entrepreneur of Bengali descent. He is the founder of Khan Academy, a free online education platorm with over 6,500 video lessons on a variety of academic subjects, with an emphasis on mathematcs and sciences. In 2012, Time named Salman Khan as one of the 100 most infuental people in the world.

Armed Forces


Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

KAREEM RASHAD SULTAN KHAN was a twenty-year-old U.S. Army Specialist who died in combat in Iraq in 2007. He received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his service. He is buried in Arlington Natonal Cemetery.


Humayun Khan

HUMAYUN KHAN was a Pakistani-American soldier who was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart after his life was cut short during his tour of duty in Iraq. At the 2016 Democratic Natonal Convention, he became known to the public after his parents, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, spoke of his courage and commitment to keeping Americans safe.