What people are saying about Wise

This report provides a thorough, in-depth response to the intersecting challenges of extremism and Islamophobia in our era. This Muslim-led report, drawing on some of the best scholarship to date on these issues, is accessible to a multitude of audiences and provides helpful entry points for conversation and action.

Catherine Orsborn, Campaign

Director, Shoulder to Shoulder, Washington, DC

WISE UPis thorough, authoritative, and a much needed overview of Islam. The workwill be useful to Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. The perfect book for adult study in a religious setting: be it Masjid/Mosque; Church, or synagogue.

Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky

Ph.D. Appleman Professorof Midrash and Interreligious Studies, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York

[Muslim Peace Fellowship applauds] ... the WISE UpGuide and Campaign for gathering an insightful, relevant and authoritative collection of articles highlighting Islam as a religion of compassion, pluralism and peace. We welcome this opportunity to join Islamic institutions across the nation to make a definitive call to Congress, the media, and the American public to hear, recognize, and embrace our honorable and authentic American Muslim narrative.

Rabia Terri Harris

Founder and Director, Muslim Peace Fellowship, Stony Point, New York
WISE Up truly is a profoundly wise initiative! Having passionately vested three decades to the critical cause of nurturing interfaith understanding across the U.S.and abroad, I wholeheartedly commend this strategic approach to enlighten and empower the Media, Interfaith, Government andMuslim sectors with an authoritative, evidentiary, knowledge-based counter to today's cacophony of radicalism and extremism. This is an absolutely must-have inter-faithresource today.

Kareem M. Irfan

Esq., Past President: Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago, Past Chair: Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
The International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC) supports and joins in partnership with WISE Up in uniting and amplifying the Muslim American Voice across America. We stand united in peace for freedom, justice, equality, and dignity for all with people of goodwill in America and the world, and in conviction that G-d is One.

Okolo Rashid

Co-founder and President and Emad Al-Turk, Co-founder and Chairman,” International Museum of Muslim Cultures, Jackson, MI
At this polarized time in the history of our nation, the WISE Up Campaign offers an essential and invaluable resource guide to combat ignorance and suspicion with knowledge andstrategy. An essential read for anyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, who seeks to build healthier and inclusive communities in America.

Sophia Said, Chairperson

Madina Institute and Masjid, Little Rock, AR

It's a great idea. We are looking forward to reviewing and utilizing topics related tomisconceptions affecting Muslims and nonMuslims in America today

Mateen March

Northwest Islamic Community Center in Minnesota
The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro supports the efforts of WISE in combating Islamophobia and extremism. The WISE Upreport will be a valuable resource that explains the true nature of Islam while exposing the evil tactics used by Islamophobes and extremists. Ignorance and misconceptions can be only eradicated by education and truth.

Dr. Saleh M. Sbenaty

Professor and Program Coordinatorfor Computer Engineering Technology, Middle Tennessee State University
The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix enthusiastically support and endorse WISE Up Guide and campaign.Our Muslim community witnessed firsthand the dangers of extremism, and suffered bigotry with armed protesters intimidating our worshippers, and then experienced the overwhelming love and support from our neighbors, we appreciate the significance of your campaign to help reaching out to our neighbors and elected officials and to help educating and enlightening them about our peaceful faith

Usama Shami

President, Islamic Community Center of Phoenix

This is a positive campaign for people of faith in general and humanity and society as a whole. Our community welcomes initiatives like these that work to create shared meaning with shared understanding of universal principles and values as ourfocal point.

Imam MuhammadShoayb

Mehtar of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake, UT

I stand firmly alongside Rep.Keith Ellison and others in support of the WISE Up American Muslim campaign. As a Muslim peace activist and interfaith speaker and educator, I applaud the WISE organization and their mission to clearly articulate the peaceful message of Islam, particularly at this time when many work very hard to defame Islam. There has never been a more crucial fork in the road for American Muslims. I strongly support and join you in your [efforts]

Lisa Zaynab Killing

DC, Immediate past President, Muslim Community of the Quad Cities, Bettendorf, IA

The Mother Mosque of America is proud to be part of this endeavor and sending the right message of Islam in America, whetherthis message is to the Muslim community or to the non-Muslim community. To educate the public about Islam is not an easy task, especially with what’s going on in the media, yet people want some trusted source to help them get truthful information about Islam and Muslims in America, and also our officials are in need of special information to help them protect the religious rights of Muslims. The Mother Mosque of America is on the national historic places, and active in...schools, churches etc. I feel that this project is great, and the Mother Mosque would like to be part of it."

Imam Taha Tawil

Executive Director, Mother Mosque of America, Cedar Rapids, IA

On behalf of our Muslim community at Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center (CIMIC); we want to congratulate you on the good work that went into your efforts to give non-Muslims information that will clear up many misunderstandings and issues about Islam. We endorse your effort in this matter.

Waleed Jassim

Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center (CIMIC), Urbana, IL

The Rhode Island Council for Muslim Advancement (RICMA) supports the WISE UpAmerican Muslim Community Initiative in its efforts to empower Muslim communities and lawmakers with information and tools to support American Muslims. The tools and materials developed and provided by WISE Upare focused on giving communities accurate information to make clear the distinctions between the peaceful practice of Islam and those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam. RICMA shares WISE Up's focus on education, advocacy, and bridge building.

Imam Adnan Adrian Wood-Smith

President,Rhode Island Council for Muslim Advancement (RICMA

We are really hopeful and impressed by this great work of yours. I believe our peaceful religion has not yet been properly introduced to the American people at both levels government and community, and I hope this project would be a solid step toward that. On behalf of the Muslim community here in VT, we endorse your project hoping that the peaceful message of Islam could be better understood.

Imam Islam Hassan

, Islamic Society of Vermont, Colchester, VT

"This is a great initiative to unify the American Muslim voice and establish the true American Muslim narrative.

Mizanur Rahman

President, Islamic Society ofFrederick, MD

What a wonderful idea and cause! Thank you for including us! We are working to find ways to reach out to our local community and are also trying to redefine our current structure within ISSA. [WISE Up] will be very helpful to us! We look forward to hearing how WISE is doing with this campaign as well as ways that we may be able to work together

Dover, NH

Islamic Society of the Seacoast Area

Thank you and WISE Upfor your great efforts, especially the campaign and "call to action" that gives voice to the American Muslim community. I am with you in the campaign as much as I can.

Dr. Imam Mohammad Qatanani

Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC) in Paterson and Clifton, NJ

WISE Upis a valuable resource for anyone interested in true Islam and facts on Muslims. I envision extensive benefit to the Muslim community itself; academics; policy makers; and politicians who are searching for enlightening, accurate, diverse reflections of the Islamic and Muslim mosaic. Highly recommended

Dr. Amr Fass

Executive Director, Islamic Society of Boston, Cambridge, MA

We at Bayan Claremont appreciate the role of WISEin reaching out to leaders and the public with such a resource to clarify Islam's core values and teachings. Developing such literacy is an important part of creating a climate that exhibits mutual respect, upliftment, and hope for the future.

Jihad Turk

President, Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate Schoo

WISE Up is an urgently needed corrective to the all-too-common distortions of the true teachings of Islam... Muslims and nonMuslims alike will find this book a helpful resource.

Dr. Yehezkel Landau

author, interfaith educatorand consultan

A timely study that offers a remarkable toolkit for leaders seeking to understand the religion of Islam and best practices to combat extremism at home and abroad.

Darrell Ezel

Ph.D., Author, Beyond Cairo: U.S. Engagement with the Muslim World; V.P. for Academic Affairs, Claremont Lincoln University

all of us will benefit from a ‘more nuanced and informed debate.’... This volume is also a vital tool for all Muslims who wish to reclaim their faith

Jonathan Golden

Ph.D., Drew University, Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict

Long overdue! ...WISE Upeviscerates the stereotypes, clichés and misinformation about Muslim Americans and theirreligion that too often dominates our national dialogue.

Professor Lawrence Pintak

(Washington State University) and co-editor, Islam for Journalists (and everyone else)

It is a textbook, handbook and a practical workbook all in one. While this book is focused on Islam, it wrestles with the challenges that every religion faces in the modern world. I congratulate WISE for what promises to be an extremely valuable resource.”

Dr. Tony Tian-Ren Lin

Managing Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia

WISE Up is a valuable resource for the Muslim community itself, policy makers, and politicians who are searching for more light and less heat in the current discussion regarding American Islam. Highly recommended.

Dr. Omid Safi

Director, DukeIslamic Studies Center, Duke University

WISE Upbrings a wide range of wise voices to the analysis of issues critical for the American Muslim community and for all Americans –the challenges of Islam in America, Islamic responses to extremist ideology, preventing extremist recruitment. We urgently need to hear the sixty Muslim men and women, scholars and activists, civic and religious leaders who have contributed to this critically important report

Diana Eck

Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies
Harvard University, Director of the Pluralism Project